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J&S Equipment & Steam Cleaners, Inc. design and install the right technology to minimize your cost of cleaning your wash or waste water.

We first need to know what is in your water (solid, oil, chemicals, metals, biological/chemical oxygen demand, pH). We also need to know what you want to do with the treated water. Do you want to reuse the water, or do you want to discharge the water into the sewer system. If you want to reuse the water, then what are the specifications? If the water is going into the sewer system, what are the sewer charges at different levels of contaminants? Our goal is ultimately minimize your total costs, which includes water costs, sewer discharge fees, treatment costs and capital costs.

There are four primary methods of treating water for reuse or discharge: Gravity, Filtration, Absorption and Biological treatment. In addition, membrane/reverse osmosis can also be used for further treatment of the water.
We use gravity to separate solids from liquids and to phase separate liquids (oil and water). Gravity is always the cheapest method if enough time is available for gravity to do its job. The wash pad is designed to catch dirt before it runs into a sump. The sump is used for the dirt to settle before the water is pumped. A clarifier or cone bottom tank can be used to further settle the dirt.
An oil/water separator is used to allow oil to float on top of the water. The coalescing grids force small oil drops to come together and form bigger drops as the water slowly flows through. These bigger drops will then float to the surface, where they can be removed by an oil skimmer or decanter. The oily water needs enough residence time in the system for the oil to phase separate or oil will pas through with the water. If the oil is emulsified by strong detergents, it will not phase separate and will pass through with the water. Large amounts of ozone can also be used to help the oil separate from the water.
The filtration method is used to separate solids from the water. For this method paper/polyster, screen, gravel and sand filters (much like a swimming pool filter) are commonly used.
This method can be used to reduce contaminants to very small concentration. Different contaminants require different absorption media. Activiated carbon, diatomaceous earth (DE) and organoclay can be used as a final polishing step. A treated bentanite clay is used as the primary treatment in a flocculation system where the contaminants are encapsulated and disposed of in a landfill.
In biological treatment microbes consume oils, chemicals, fertilizers and organic matter to purify the water. Biological treatment can be used as a primary treatment (golf courses, food plants), or as a secondary treatment (with oil/water separators). If used as a secondary treatment, the microbes are also used for odor control, instead of ozone and chemicals (chlorine).

Our Branches look at your specific situation and requirements to design the right system for your business.

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