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Wash water (from hose or pressure washer) will flow to the main sump where it is pumped to a grass filter mounted on the wall. A stainless steel sump pump is used to pump the water and grass to the grass filter. We grass overflows the filter into a wheeled card.
Behind the grass filter the water goes into a 50 gallon tank with a sump pump. The water will be pumped to a 210 gallon settling tank (SST). A Hydro Engineering CMAFU filter will remove the sand and other small solid particles from this tank. The water will then go through an oil/water separator with an oil skimmer, the bioreactor and polishing filter. A pressure tank is used to send the water to two hose reels with garden hoses. Water also is feed from the polishing filter to the pressure washer (we recommend a 1800 psi, 4 gmp hot water pressure washer).
The oil skimmer is used to lower the load on the bioreactor. All tanks are self-purging of any accumulated solids because they are made from cone bottom tanks and have a PLC controlled motorized bottom valve. The polishing filter also has autobackwash, low level water make-up and high-level water discharge to sewer capabilities.
A large accidental of chemicals or oil (a couple of gallons) could cause chemicals to get past both the oil/water separator and the bioreactor. A polishing filter with a norganocly media is used to eliminate the risk of trace amounts of chemicals remaining in the recycled wash water.

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